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Author of the 'Summary Justice' series with DC Kendra March​

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Book 1 AN EYE FOR AN EYE by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Se

An Eye for An Eye

DC Kendra March and partner Andy Pike are given the unenviable task of bringing down the untouchable Qupi gang, who rule the East End of London with an iron fist.

A lapse in judgement leads to a catastrophic turn of events, changing their lives forever. 

Taking the law into her own hands—literally—she recruits the now disabled Andy Pike and her criminally connected father. Together, they fight for SUMMARY JUSTICE.

Book 1 of the 'Summary Justice' series.

Book 2 FAGIN'S FOLLY by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Series

Fagin’s Folly

A spate of violent robberies where the victims are scarred for life.

A gang that is arrogantly telling the victims who they are.

A police service that are baffled, with no trace of anyone or anything connected to the gang.

DC Kendra March decides to investigate further — in her own unique way, alongside her well connected father and talented ex-police partner. They must discover the identities of the gang and then take them down ‘Summary Justice’ style.

Book 2 of the 'Summary Justice' series.


Book 3 ROAD TRIP by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Series.jpg

Road Trip

When an old friend is killed – it’s time to take the fight to the murderers!


Trevor receives word that his old friend and mentor had been found dead at the bottom of a cliff, suspiciously described as ‘suicide’ in a police report.

He knows instinctively that something is not right.


Along with daughter DC Kendra March and her ex-police partner Andy Pike, Trevor sets off for the east coast of England, to a small town known for its friendly population and their welcoming hospitality.


What they find when they arrive is not so welcoming. A town in the grip of fear from unrelenting violence.

The team investigate in their own inimitable way and uncover a disturbing secret that could potentially destroy the town and its friendly population. 


They must act fast to confront the vicious murderers before the town is swallowed up and becomes just a distant memory.


Book 3 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series.

Book 4 LONDONS BURNING by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Seri

London's Burning

They thought they’d seen the back of the vicious gang.

They were wrong.


When a distinctive and valuable jewel-encrusted eye patch appears in a Christie’s auction in London, it isn’t long before the original owner’s family is made aware.


The auction starts a chain of events that lead to the reappearance of the dreaded Qupi gang, only this time led by the matriarch.


She wastes no time in arriving in the East London, causing mayhem as she leaves no stone unturned in the search for her missing husband.


She wants her husband back, but she wants her empire back even more and will do anything to regain it.


Kendra, Trevor and Andy stand in her way as they try and prevent a bloodbath in the streets of London.


Book 4 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series.


Book 5 NOTHING TO LOSE by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Seri

Nothing to Lose

Who is behind the destruction of the largest gang in East London – and why?


Within just a few days one of the largest gangs in London, led by Brodie Dabbs, has been systematically ripped apart and their territory and operations taken over by a new, more sinister organisation.


Dabbs barely escapes with his life and contacts Trevor in desperation, asking for help and protection.


When Kendra and Andy investigate further, they are shocked at what they find behind the scenes of the organisation that is now running the East End of London.


It’s only a matter of time before they grow and take over the entire city, and only Kendra and her team can stop them.

Book 5 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series.

Book 6 JUSTICE by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Series.jpg


Thirty years ago, a murder was committed.

Has too much time passed for the team to dispense justice?


A throw away comment by Trevor changes Kendra’s life, when – for the first time in her life – she realises that her mother may have been murdered.


After speaking with her father and delving into police cold case archives, she quickly finds out the information that she needs to investigate further.


The shocking revelation spurs Kendra into overdrive as she hunts high and low for an elusive assassin that may be responsible, taking her and the team into a criminal underground that they never knew existed.

Book 6 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series. 


Book 7 BORN TO KILL by Theo Harris _ Crime Novel _ DC Kendra March Summary Justice Series.

Born to Kill

The murder of a police officer in broad daylight. 

The police investigation deceived. 

A grieving parent desperate to find the truth.


When a popular local police officer is murdered in front of witnesses outside the school he was visiting, the homicide detectives investigating his killing are sent on a wild goose chase by some clever misdirection.


Kendra and the team believe there is more to the murder than the detectives think and start their own investigation. What follows is an unexpected revelation that could lead to the team falling foul of a sinister organisation whose country-wide plot could impact on thousands of victims.


Can they stop the criminal organisation before they become unstoppable?

Book 7 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series.

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FREE 16,000 word prequel of the new 'Summary Justice' series with DC Kendra March.

It takes only one lapse in judgement to change DC Kendra March’s life forever. After a catastrophic turn of events, she realises that criminals in London are not being brought to justice.

Kendra recruits her criminally connected father and her now disabled ex-police partner to fight for justice in a way the authorities never could — by committing crimes against the criminals.

Taking the law into their own hands, they aim to hit where it hurts. And it does hurt.

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“Justice is an illusion. It’s time something was done.”

Theo Harris

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